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Latest School Closures

Check our list of local schools to see if your school has been affected by bad weather conditions.
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See the awards in London

Want a pair of the hottest tickets this year? We’ve got a pair of tickets that will get you in to the Brit Awards, along with travel and accommodation.
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Pick up your card today

We are giving you the chance to win £100, every week, on Jamie’s afternoon show. All you have to do is pick up a Cash Card.
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Win £120 Treatment

We have teamed up with Alizonne Liverpool to give you the chance to have a New Year – with a New You!
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Hear us like never before

Hear all of our content in Digital Broadcast quality. If you need a little help in tuning into Dee on DAB, our handy hints will get you up to speed in no time.
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Arrive at school in style

How do you fancy rocking up to the school gates in our fabulous Dee Team van? Every weekday we treat someone with a Cool Ride To School. Want to be next?
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For iPhone and Android.

Listen to Dee 106.3 wherever you are and send messages straight to the studio. Download our brand new Dee 106.3 App for iPhone and Android.
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Get your legal question answered

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Ask Mark Lampkin, Dee 106.3's Legal Expert a question and get an answer for FREE. Listen to our Legal Advice radio show every Monday morning at 9am from January 2015.

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