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The Green Party have pulled their parliamentary candidate for Chester, meaning it'll be a three horse race on June 8th for the city's constituency seat.

The Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats have all put forward a candidate for the City of Chester constituency.

Matt Roberts was initially standing to represent the Greens, after a decision was taken for him to stand down. The party is now calling on supporters to vote for the Labour party instead, in a decision which the Tories say “props up a Jeremy Corbyn Coalition of Chaos.”

When voters go to the polls on June 8th, they’ll have the option to elect Conservative Will Gallagher, Labour Chris Matheson or Lib Dem Lizzie Jewkes as MP.

Each party has reacted to the Greens announcement.

Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin said, It is increasingly clear the Lib Dems and Greens are determined to prop Corbyn up in a coalition of chaos to frustrate Brexit and put up taxes for every family and business in Britain. We would all pay the price.

“It might say Lib Dem or Green on the ballot but it’s the nonsensical Corbyn who gets the vote. Only a vote for Theresa May and her Conservative team will deliver the strong and stable leadership that the country needs for Brexit and beyond.”

Labour Candidate Chris Matheson said, “I welcome the decision of Chester Green Party to not stand a candidate in this election, I have worked with their members before on issues as varied as improving air quality, sustainable transport and of course our joint opposition to fracking.

“We share many values in common and I’m sure there will be many more issues that we will be working on together after the General Election.”

Lib Dem Candidate Lizzie Jewkes said,”The Liberal Democrats have a proud history of commitment to protecting the environment and of investing in renewable energy. 
We are the only party standing in Chester who are committed to negotiating the best deal from Europe.

“We welcome the support of Green Party members who know that a vote for Corbyn’s party is a vote for a harsh Brexit.”

The full list of candidates standing in West Cheshire constituencies, can be found here.

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